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Fiber & Paper



Shredded Fiber
In the late 70’s I started exploring the use of fiber in a painterly way. I had a large industrial shredder designed that could cut white sisal into 8 inch bits. I than dyed the shredded sisal in many differentn colors and used it as my color pallet. First I drew the shapes on the canvas and used white glue to adhere the sisal. I was able create both crispy straight lines as well as airbrush effects. By building layer upon layer I was also able to have a 3d effect.

Paper and pulp
Pulp is made from sheets of cotton linter (cut into small pieces and blended in a blender with water and wall paper paste). It is used in many of the works for texture and to create either flat or 3d shapes that are dried painted and applied on the canvas. For my baskets (Shaped inside a 60″ diameter Chinese wok) I use several layers of the pulp for extra strength, than treat it with acrylic texture over
which I paint.

Photo Transfer
A simple technique that uses clothing mending tape to copy an image from a Xerox copy. This image can
be colored with pencils than transferred onto a piece of fabric. Only a hot iron is used in this technique.
It requires no dark room or chemicals.